Hot Summer Trends for 2018

Is your home filled with the hottest trends for 2018? Check out the list and see just how trendy you are! Or better yet, see what cool updates you can do!

  1. Coffee Bar Station – have you noticed that a lot of Wisconsin homes with finished off basements have a bar? Well, now the kitchen must have a coffee station. Move over bartender, a proper barista’s comin’ through!
  2. Picture Wall – whether is family photos, original art work, or kid’s artwork: your wall will be cluttered with it. The more the merrier! Showcase your family, friends, and art!
  3. Green is good – That’s the color with all the style now. It was orange last year, and if I remember correctly blue or gray before that. 
  4. Let There Be Light – Awesome natural light always seems to make lists like these. 
  5. DIY Projects – Does this ever go out of style? I don’t think it does. Take pride in your work and your home with updates/upgrades done by you! (YouTube videos and Pintrest will be your BFF)
  6. 2 Toned Kitchens – 2 different colored countertops are in style! 2 different colors of cabinets are also in style! Have a island? Change up the color tones. Getting bored with half your kitchen? Have a galley style kitchen? That works too! Please note that this will NOT look good in an instance where all the cabinets and countertops are together as one. You need to have a broken up style to attempt this. 
  7. Stop and Smell the Roses – more specifically, just FLOWERS. Plant flowers to create a beautiful landscaped paradise. You won’t be sorry. 

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