Baby Boomer’s Housing Wants

In a recent survey taken by national homebuilder PulteGroup almost 40% of Baby Boomers (that’s people aged 55 years or older) are planning on purchasing a new home in the next 3 years. A simple google search will tell you that Baby Boomers make up about 20% of the US population – that’s a lot of people!

So since there will be a Baby Boomer “bust” coming to light, what do these potential home buyers want?

  1. Multi Car Garage
  2. Deck or Patio
  3. Eat-in Kitchen – say goodbye to formal dining rooms!
  4. Private Space – think fenced in backyard.
  5. AFFORDABLE COST OF LIVING – Green Bay, WI is VERY affordable, so yay!
  6. Warm Weather – so we lose out on one tiiiiiiny detail. Florida and Arizona will always win this. Always. 

How did your home stack up? Doesn’t sound like such a bad list of needs and wants. Not just Baby Boomers,  but a lot of home buyers look for  affordable cost of living, and Wisconsin and the midwest does very well in that category 🙂