Hot Tips for Selling Your Home in The Cold Winter

Even in the winter months, buyers are still looking to buy and sellers are still looking to sell. So what can set you apart from the “cold” competition to draw in those buyers and have them choose your house?? Easy! Follow these hot tips for showings!

  1. Snow shovel and de-ice your driveway and front door pathway! I can’t stress this one enough. I’ve actually had a buyer slip on ice in a driveway of a home we were about to tour. I will tell you this: buyer was NOT pleased. And you don’t want a grouchy buyer looking at your house!! 
  2. Shine bright like a diamond! On these gray and dark days you want as much light in your house as possible. Open those curtains and shades, turn on the lights. 
  3. Don’t be stingy with the heat. Make sure it’s a comfortable temperature. I’ve been showing a home before (no, it wasn’t vacant) and the buyer cut the showing short, she was too cold and didn’t really want to keep looking. She didn’t give the house a chance, which was too bad. 
  4. This one is a bonus one that won’t apply to every home seller – does your house have a fireplace? If yes, Turn. It. On. That can really set the mood! Cute and cozy home, what’s not to love? If it’s a wood burning one: PLEASE use precautions!  

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