Lights, Camera, Action!

When selling your home, sometimes it’s the little impressions that matter to home buyers. 1,000 real estate professionals conducted a survey in 2020 by HomeLight – which is a real estate referral company, it was noted that 45% of respondents said a home with outdated light fixtures can be a big turnoff to potential home buyers. Even though switching out a light fixture is quite simple, compared to let’s say, remodeling a kitchen. In this market, buyers are willing to pay a premium, but they want more a move-in ready home. 

With that being said, here are a few ways to set your home up for success with homebuyers:

  1. Update light fixtures to more modern lighting. Did I even need to say this (again)?
  2. Switch out any burnt out bulbs. This is true for especially where there is only one bulb, I’ve had buyers question whether is was a burnt out bulb or if it was something to do with the electrical – home buyers get nervous. And no, not just the first timer home buyers either! 
  3. If there is no over head lights for a room, add in a lamp or two. Not all showings are in sunshine weather. Dark houses turn of home buyers!