NeighborWorks Green Bay, WI

NeighborWorks, Green Bay WI

I get a lot of questions from buyers wondering about the home buying process… are they ready for it? Are there classes they can take? Do I have pamphlets about what buying a home entails? How much can they afford? Any downpayment assistance available to them? 

While I could go on and on about the home buying process in general, I’m just going to put the spotlight on NeighborWorks. NeighborWorks is a non-profit local agency in Green Bay, and they are wonderful. They offer classes on home buying, they offer down payment assistance (to qualified buyers in certain areas), and they even offer counseling/support for foreclosure prevention. NeighborWorks is for buyers and sellers. 

Their home buying classes are offered each month, and are super cheap. You pay $25 and that’s for the book you get. Don’t take my word on how great NeighborWorks is, check out their website and see for yourself! 

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