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My mom, who lives in Florida, called me frantic one night, worried that a house she liked wasn’t for sale any more. So she’s calling me asking me why Zillow took it off the market. My mom has an agent working for her, and she has me, and yet she’s on Zillow looking up housing info. 

Seeing how it was 10PM, I told her not to call her Realtor until the next day. And since I do not have MLS access for another state, I told her I would look it up on Zillow too, just to see what it says. I got a totally different story. 

Here is my screen shot: Zillow Zestimate

It looked like it was still listed to me… It says nothing on there about this Florida property being off the market. Still my mom insisted that Zillow is telling her otherwise. I told her to send me a screen shot, and this is what I got: Zillow Zestimate 2

The point of all this is that Zillow is not always the most accurate. As a real estate agent, I have no problem with Zillow. My clients look on Zillow, I even look on Zillow. All I ask is that if my clients have a question, see a house they like, etc, ASK ME FIRST, before you take Zillow’s word for it. So, go ahead, use Zillow, Trulia, – BUT use a Realtor to get you the truth. 

Also, did you notice that Zillow’s Zestimate is different FOR THE SAME PROPERTY. I found that nugget of info most interesting… 

Oh, and in case you were wondering who was right, I was. Which made my mom very happy. Until she found a different home to fall in love with 🙂

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