Become a Licensed Realtor in a Few Easy Steps

If you’re thinking about starting a career in real estate – don’t think, DO! It’s pretty easy to get yourself started. You take a class, take a test, and then pick your real estate company you want to be a part of. 

That’s it. If you are in the Green Bay, WI or De Pere, WI area, I would highly suggest a class with Tomi Nelson. She is an amazing teacher. You can find her website here . And if you don’t live in the remote area, then look for classes offered online. Everything can be found online these days. 

After you pass your class, whether it’s in a classroom setting or online, you register for your real estate licensing test. The test will vary state to state but one thing that’s constant is that it is a long test – so relax and get comfy, you’ll be there a while. 

After you get your passing grade (of course you’ll pass!) then it’s time to interview at real estate firms. If you want to talk about Keller Williams Realty, I’m your girl. However, I’ve never worked at any other firm so I can’t tell you the pros and cons of any other firm but Keller Williams Realty.

EDIT: I know own my own real estate brokerage. Think selling houses is the right fit for you, give me a call, let’s chat. 

Let’s review on how to get your Real Estate license:

  1. Register for a real estate licensing class.
  2. Register for the real estate state test and pass.
  3. Call me up to talk about Keller Williams Realty and then join Keller Williams Realty 😉 
  4. For reals though, choose a real estate company you’re comfortable with – ask about commission splits. And then ask what they really are. Ask about training programs, office space… things like that. 

Getting your real estate license and becoming a Realtor in Green Bay, WI

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