Powerball, Castles, and Mansions – Oh My!

Green Bay, WI Realtor and Buyer's Agent Elysia DiazSo today is the last day before the LARGEST POWERBALL DRAWING in history. What would YOU do with 1.5 billion dollars? Oh wait, make that like 650 million after taxes. 

Time to start castle collecting and buying up mansions for all your friends and family! That’s right, who doesn’t want an obnoxious 25,000 square foot castle? Gone are the days of storming a castle and claiming it for yourself, with a proper buyer’s agent you can go about it the civilized way! How do you go about buying a castle? No clue! But we’re in this together, right?! 

Just remember to keep Realtor Elysia Diaz in mind for all your mansion and castle buying needs. I’m here for YOU, it’s not like I want to spend my days flying around the world viewing stunning castles or anything…

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