What’s in store for the 2016 Green Bay Housing Market?

2015 was a big year for real estate. In fact, it was such a great year, it was the best year the housing market has seen since the recession hit. Yay! But what does the housing market look like for this new year?

With sustained job growth (all over, not just in Green Bay) and with increases in home values (again, all over, not just Green Bay) 2016 is slated to be even better than 2015! Even with mortgage rates slightly climbing, buyers are still willing and able to buy homes. Rent prices have been on the rise too, which have been the catalyst for some home buyers. Why rent for X amount, when you can own for around the same amount or even lower! Rent prices haven’t just shot up in larger cities, rent prices have increased in Green Bay and De Pere too. 

I’m excited to see what enfolds for 2016. And as a Realtor and a real estate investor, I’m REALLY excited 🙂

Happy Homeowners and Real Estate Investors

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