Sellers Market and Your Home STILL Won’t Sell?

When it’s a hot sellers market, homes are sold practically before they are even listed. So, what’s the deal when you list your house and nothing happens? 

The answer is one of three things, or even all three of these things:

Price. Condition. Your Realtor.

This one is tough to swallow. Buying and selling a home is a huge financial decision, and it’s understandable that you consider your worth a lot of money. Ask your Realtor to show you current and newly sold comps or your neighborhood. How does your home compare? 

It’s a fact that not all homes are created equal. It’s also a fact that not all homes are kept in mint condition. Have your Realtor walk through and point out possible red flags and/or defects. 

Your Realtor
Is your Realtor working hard for you? Let’s start with did your agent get high quality professional photos of your house? Are they advertising your home on all the online sites? How else are they putting the word out there?

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