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While there are many different styles of homes, the tri-level is a unique one. Tri-level homes are also referred to as split-level, or are sometimes mistaken for bi-level or even quads. 

The basic concept of a tri-level home are the staggering of short stair cases, typically two. The main floor, where you walk in, consists of the kitchen and a living room/family room and perhaps a dining room. The upper level are for the bedrooms and bathroom. The lower level is the basement area which is usually partially finished off. It has more of a family room/rec room and perhaps another bathroom. That’s also where your mechanicals are located, but in the unfinished part. 

Tri-level Home in Green Bay, WI
Main concept of the Tri-level, the split stair cases leading to the upper and lower.

Key factors are:
Short Stair Cases
Attached Garage
Bedrooms Located in Upper
Open Concept Kitchen, Living and Dining Room
Economic to Build 
Horizontal Designs, Low Pitched Roof



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