Snow Days in Green Bay

Snow Days in Green Bay, WIMy mama lives in Florida and it seems like every time I’ve spoken with her this winter it’s always snowing. She’ll make some comment about how warm it is down there, and then she’ll ask, “Oh, but how about Green Bay?” And, lately my answer is always the same — It’s SNOWING. Next, my mama will usually ask what I do on these snowed-in days. So, my lovely Green Bay people, here’s list of things to do on a snowy day.

*Catch up on that book you’ve been reading for 3 months. Yeah, you know you have one!

*Cook dinner. NOT take-out or cereal, I mean, actually cook a proper meal. Your tummy will thank you.

*Play a board game/do a puzzle. Have family game night, or quality friend time.

*Clean your bathroom. What else you got going on?

*Call your mother (HA!)

*Use your Netflix and marathon a season of your favorite TV show.

*Email friends you’ve drifted away from, just to say hi.

And when the snow storm is over, make snow angels!! Or in my case, the State Puff Marshmellow.