Super Low Mortgage Rates for 2016 in Green Bay

Home Loan and Mortgage Financing Rates in Green Bay, WIBuyers that are looking to purchase a home and home owners wanting to re-finance – You’re in luck! Mortgage rates are extremely low. Almost as low as the LOWEST back in November 2012. And a faaaaaar cry from the 18% from 1981. (Yes, that’s for reals.)

The record low for mortgage rates were 3.31%, and currently rates are hovering at the 3.41%! Which is STILL A FANTASTIC DEAL. And what’s also interesting is that rates have been below 4% since the beginning of 2016. That’s a new record in itself. Mortgage rates are awesome now, but just how long will that last? It’s hard to say…financial and global markets all indicate that rates will continue to be low, but do you want to wait until it’s too late?

So buyers and homeowners: Now is the time to buy or re-fi! Contact your mortgage banker or local lender today and see what they can offer you. Don’t know any lenders or bankers in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area? Contact me, I’d be more than happy to refer you to some of the best in town!

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