Top Staging Principles

When one thinks of home staging, your mind goes to furniture placement and wise space usage. There’s a bit more to that, actually. There was a study completed by Duke University that shows the top staging principles, and they are:

  1. Removing personal items from bathrooms (soap, toothbrushes, razors…)
  2. Use rooms as their intended purpose. EX: Dining rooms not used as offices.
  3. Remove evidence of pets (bowls, leashes, toys, litter boxes..)
  4. Turn on all the lights in home.
  5. Put some furniture in an empty home.
  6. Remove garbage cans.
  7. No personal photographs on walls.
  8. Remove art or accessories that are attention grabbing from walls. What does this on mean, you ask? Here are 2 examples from different homes I have shown in the past:

How not to sell your home in Green Bay WIHow not to sell a home in Green Bay WI Niiiiiice, right? 







9. Paint walls a neutral color
10. Remove items from kitchen counters (coffeemakers, toasters…)
11. Don’t have backs of furniture facing doorways to rooms. 
12. Set your staging to tell a story. EX: breakfast tray with coffee mugs on the bed
13. Windows either have sheer coverings or no coverings at all.
14. Scented candles or glade plug-ins.
15. Have chocolate chip cookies freshly baked. 

Do I agree with all of these? Of course not. But most are pretty good. The cookie thing though, I really disagree with… you’ll have 2 scenarios with those. Either no one will eat them because of gluten, GMO products, sugar – whatever the toxin flavor of the month is, and you’ll have uneaten cookies. Or you’ll have the family with the kids stuffing their faces making a crumbly chocolate mess. 

Mainly use your best judgement, and ask your Realtor! You pay them the big bucks, they are here to guide you!