Top Home Trends for 2017

I may be a little late with this blog post since it’s already May — but I always find “trends” fascinating no matter the time of year. Some I agree with and some I shake my head and say, no way. 

Here are some of the hot trends taking place as we speak


built in bars hot trend in green bay wi

Pendant Lights

pendant lights hot trend in Green Bay WI

Shed Quarters

sheds hot trend in Green Bay, WI

Gray – to be fair, this was also a hot color trend last year. 

gray colors hot trend in Green Bay, WI

Colorful Art Murals on Walls

Murals hot trend in Green Bay WI

Open Concept – I think this one is on the hot trend list EVERY TIME

Open Concept Hot Trend in Green Bay, WI

What do you think? Like any of these trends? I’m a fan of most of these trends, and I can see them staying around year after year, but the mural wall one I don’t see it really taking off. That’s a very personal touch that will be difficult to please every buyer. But if you’re doing it for you, and NOT to sell your home – paint away my friends!

Happy Homeowners and Real Estate Investors

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