Easy Ways for Home Sellers to Help Home Buyers F-A-L-L in Love

Fall season is upon us! Home buyers are still out there looking for the perfect new place to call home. Here are more than a few simple, SIMPLE items to take care of to help showcase your home in the best of light:

  1. Rake up your leaves
  2. Clean out your gutters
  3. Clean your front doorway, take down those spider webs (leave the decorated Halloween ones!) and sweep up the walk way.
  4. Wash windows
  5. Prune your dead summer flowers/plants/shrubs. Don’t just leave them there decomposing. (I get it that sometimes it’s best to trim in spring, yet keep in mind you’re selling your home! And you want it to look nice and maintained!)

See?! Those 5 ideas are easy, not extremely time consuming and FREE! Or you can always hire a highschool kid to help out too 🙂

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