Top Home Selling Mistakes That Cost You Money!

Here’s a list of the top home selling mistakes that will turn off home buyers. And turning off home buyers cost you money! 

  1. Strong odors! Nothing turns  a buyer off of your Home Sweet Home faster than upon immediately 
  2. walking in and smelling something a bit… off.
  3. Loose pets. I love cats, I love dogs, I love all furry creatures. But just because I love them doesn’t mean a potential buyer will. Take your beast for a walk/drive and crate your precious kitty. 
  4. Locked closets/bedrooms/basement cellar. When you lock up a part of your home a buyer immediately wonder’s what you’re hiding. 
  5. Incomplete home projects. Finish what you started! 
  6. Carpet in bathrooms and/or dining rooms. Carpet in either of those rooms create an “ick” factor for the buyer.
  7.  Easily seen ant traps and mouse traps. Get rid of the rodents and pests before you try to sell your home! It’s always wise to disclose issues or past issues and it’s best when you can say it’s FIXED!
  8. Dirty dishes in the sink or bags of garbage laying around. Now I know you smart and savvy home sellers wouldn’t dream of leaving that around!

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