Home Sellers: Want to Know What Attracts Home Buyers??

Home sellers, want to know what attracts home buyers?? Well, according to the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report here is the top items that will put hearts in a potential home buyer’s eyes:

11. Closet Renovation – That’s right! Shelves and organizers are key!
10. Attic Conversion to Living Space
9. Basement Conversion to Living Space – rec rooms, extra bedrooms and bathroom – oh my!
8. Add an additional Bathroom – even if it’s a half bath!! Extra toilets are like GOLD!
7. New Master Suite – this is always a hot item. 
6. Hardwood Floor Refinishing
5. Bathroom Renovation
4. New Wood Flooring
3. HVAC Replacement
2. Kitchen upgrade

And the top hot item for home buyers??

1. Complete Kitchen Renovation

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