Smart Safety Practices for Home Sellers in Covid-19 Times

It is still a fantastic time to sell, even with everything that’s going on. The demand from home buyers is strong and there’s just no current homes for sale to meet this demand. But how do you play it safe AND sell your house??

  1. Have your Realtor ask potential buyers and buyer agents to remove shoes when entering your home.
  2. Provide hand sanitzer (or have your Realtor do this).
  3. After each showing – wipe down your counters and door knobs.
  4. Before a showing turn on all lights and open closet doors. Openn a few kitchen cabinet doors as well. This will eliminate extra touching of surfaces by the buyer’s agent and potential home buyers. 
  5. Talk to your Realtor about the possibility of a virtual showing as well as in-person showings. Homes do get sold that way – I’ve sold more than a few by video tours!

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