New Year 2021 and New Construction Homes

New construction homes in Brown County, WI are high in demand.  Why, oh why, you ask? 

MANY reasons! One is just the fact that the home is brand spankin’ NEW. However, the reason I want to talk about is the ability to BUILD WHAT YOU WANT. You can design and build a house that will truly become a home that will fill your needs. And if you have a house like that, maybe you won’t be selling and moving within a few years for something bigger, or newer, or to a house that has a sunroom- because you’ve always wanted a sunroom and if you could just have a house with a sunroom you’d be happy.

Now to build a new customized construction home you’re going to need to do a few things first. One is to talk with a lender to see what your price range will be, you also need to talk with a Realtor and get yourself a Buyer’s Agent to look for vacant lots in the location you want to live. Your Buyer’s Agent can set up meet and greets with home builders in the area and go with you to the initial meetings. 

Building a new construction home isn’t as stressful as one would think – especially when you have a Buyer’s Agent with you navigating the way. Your Buyer’s Agent will know what vacant lots are available, which ones are builder exclusive and which ones you can pick what builder you want, how to get a hold of the restrictive covenants (think of rules for building a house and rules for neighborhood), and they will also know amazing home BUILDERS!! 

Once you decide on the builder, the rest quickly falls into place. Each builder has home designs/floor plans for you to choose from to get a base, as the interior amenities and/or additions you want along with features will depend on your budget. 

Key take aways: Find a Buyer’s Agent! One that you feel comfortable working with. Get pre-approved through a lender. Need a referral for one? Ask your Buyer’s Agent! 

Building a New Construction Home in Green Bay, WI or Howard or Ledgeview? How about De Pere, WI or Hobart? Contact Elysian Realty, we would love to work with you!

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