Green Bay and De Pere, WI Housing Market Predictions 2021

Truthfully, this list is for all the housing markets across the US. 2021 is predicted to be a hot market for sellers. 2020 was a GREAT year for home values. Don’t believe me? 

A quote from a Freddie Mac report puts it in better terms, “Even though the overall economic recovery is uneven, the housing market has made a remarkable comeback. This surge in home sales has put pressure on housing inventory and resulted in an acceleration in house price growth.”

Here are the top 5 predictions for the housing market in 2021:

  1. Home prices will continue to increase. Overall in Brown County, WI they raised about 12% in 2020. Home values are NOT predicted to rise 12% this year, but only time will tell! 
  2. Homes will continue to sell at record pace. Meaning, home sellers – you need to be working with a competent Realtor who knows how to navigate through a potential multiple offer situation, and one who will still market and advertise the heck out of your house in order to get you the best possible Offer from a home buyer. Hint, hint, contact Elysian Realty!  
  3. Mortgage rates will be hovering around the 3% mark. That’s great news for home buyers and for home sellers. Home prices may be rising, but buyers will get a great rate which helps in the long run with payment amounts. If you’re aiming for an even lower rate, try seeing what a 15 year mortgage will get you. 
  4. Year of re-fis! Last year was a fantastic year to re-finance your home. 2021 will be the same, so if you held back on locking in a lower rate – homeowners you still have time! And same as above, ask what a 15 year loan term would do for you. You won’t be tacking on another 30 year to finance. 
  5. Sellers market with low inventory. Same as 2020. Not a lot of homes for sale gives home sellers the advantage. 


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