Home Sellers Take Note: Pandemic Changes Home Buyers Needs & Wants

Green Bay and De Pere Home sellers – this blog post is for YOU! Really ALL Home Sellers in Wisconsin this is for you too!

Home Selling Tips in De Pere, WI

This is a classic example of WHAT NOT TO DO

The pandemic has touched us all in one way or another. And for some of us in A LOT of ways. And with home buyers, it’s no different.  Home buyers have shifted their top needs and wants in what they’re looking for in a new home. The top priorities for most home buyers are now:

  1. Privacy!! I think we can all relate that one.. 
  2. Larger yards
  3. Nice outdoor space – patio/deck/porch..
  4. Easy access to parks, trails, outdoor seating areas
  5. Closeness to supermarkets!
  6. Larger houses (square feet-wise) or ability to have more square feet (think finish off the basement)
  7. A dedicated office and/or kids learning room
  8. More than 1 bathroom
  9. A quiet space 
  10. Move-in READY! This is a big one! Home Buyers (read: literally everyone with the pandemic) have more on their plate than usual, so one BIG thing to not worry about would be to literally move-in and get settled. Not paint, up date flooring, move-in, fix X, Y and Z. 


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