Most Expensive Single Family Home Ever Sold

The new year always brings upon us a time to reflect on the past year. Let’s reflect back to the month of April, where the MOST EXPENSIVE SINGLE FAMILY HOME EVER SOLD IN THE US happened. Why? Because we can!

Greenwich, Connecticut’s Copper Beech Farm property sold to the tune of $120 Million. That’s right. $120 Million. Outrageous, you say? Not when it was originally listed for $190 Million. It sold for 61% of the asking price! This price is a steal!

Now for the specs of the place:

  These photos are all from David Ogilvy, he was the lucky listing agent.

This Victorian mansion features 15,000 square feet of charm and original character that dates back to 1898. The basement is 7,000 square feet. Did I mention that the kitchen is located in the basement?? Being built in the late 1800’s these were mansions built for housing staff. The kitchen in is in basement right next to the staff’s quarters. 12 bedrooms, enough for you and all of your friends! The driveway of this property alone is 1800 feet long. You better dust off that snow blower… The mansion sits on 50 acres of gorgeousness. Be prepared to spend all your free time outdoors with the grass tennis court, wondrous gardens and greenhouses, a private apple orchard and a 75 foot heated pool. There is 4000 feet of waterfront, hope it’s not in the flood plain! Need to blast some A/C in the summer months? You better stock up on those wall A/Cs!  

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