What is a Final Walkthrough?

So you’ve cruised by most of the home buying process and you’re about to close. And then your buyer’s agent asks, “When should we schedule the final walkthrough?”

What is a final walkthrough?? Well, it’s just how it sounds. It is the last time you, as the buyer, will walk through the home you are about to purchase. And why exactly would you want to do this? The better question to ask is why not! You can come to take last minute measurements, you can visually see any repairs the sellers made to the home, you can see that the sellers have moved out (or are verrrrryyyy close to being all moved out) – lots of reasons!

I get asked a lot if a final walkthrough is mandatory. While it’s not mandatory, it’s certainly a good idea. Look at the reasons I listed above! If for whatever reason, you don’t/can’t do one, have your buyer’s agent do it for you. 

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