July 2018 Green Bay Housing Market

I feel like a broken record when I’m giving these snapshots of the Green Bay, WI housing market. We still have low inventory. Prices are still increasing fasting than general inflation. Bidding wars are becoming the norm, as with each new house that comes onto our market we have the same previously out-bidded buyer’s still on the hunt. Home buyers are getting more anxious and yet more relaxed with increasing their max bid on a home when it’s to be financed. More than a few buyer clients of late have joked that the listing price on a home was more like a “suggested starting price” and not what the seller would actually expect to receive.
A few new things I’ve been noticing, less buyers are asking for closing costs to be paid by the seller and less buyers are getting home inspections. A fantastic way to stand out in an offer is to have as little contingencies as possible. So, non-cash buyers are doing things such as forgoing a home inspection and taking all that risk upon themselves instead.

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