June 2018 Green Bay Housing Market Report

While home sales slipped, home priced rose across the state of Wisconsin. Hasn’t that been the theme more or less this year? It sure has!! Home sales this June fell 11.7% from where they were June 2017. All the while median home prices rose 5.4% to $195k. 

It’s said that home priced under the $350k mark are selling quick and are in limited supply. The tightest price range is the under $200k mark for a single family home. I can certainly vouch for that.This past month I had 2 very different buyers. Buyer #1 was purchasing a large home price at $455k. Buyer #2 was purchasing a home priced at $98k. With Buyer #1 we negotiated out a much lower price and asked for radon and a few other perks. With Buyer #2, we put in an offer above asking price and didn’t ask for anything! Buyer didn’t want to rock the boat, or give the seller any grief. It’s a seller’s market up to a certain price point. 

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