Hot Kitchen Trends for 2018

According to Houzz ( they conducted a survey among 1,734 USA homeowners about their kitchen renovations – planned or recently completed and these are some of their findings:

The #1 reason to renovate your kitchen is to de-clutter it! Have no room? Add in built-ins or some type of organizers that will remedy that. Think pull out waste bins, spice racks added to cabinets, unique wine or wine glass additions to the bottom of your hanging cabinets. Clutter is annoying, admit it. 

Granite counter tops are no longer the hottest thing around. Granite is still BEAUTIFUL and a wonderful upgrade, don’t feel like it isn’t. But the “it” counter top currently is quartz. 

L-shaped kitchens are hot. So hot that it’s now the #1 design. 

The order in which homeowners are choosing to spend on their new kitchen follows this list: Counter tops, appliances, cabinets, faucet, flooring, backsplash, sink. 

What would you first change about your kitchen? Even small updates can drastically change the look or improve it’s functionality. 



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