SFR Certified!

sfrThis week was a great week in the wonderful city of Green Bay! The temperatures for this week in December were above freezing (kind of), there was some sunshine, holiday cheer is all around, and I received my SFR Certification.

Life is good.

Now, what exactly is it to be SFR Certified?
Short Sales and
Recourse Certification 

What this means is that I completed the SFR class, attended foreclosure and short sale focused live webinars, and passed the SFR certification exam. My goal in achieving this designation is to bring my clients, buyers AND sellers, the highest level of service in short sales and foreclosures in the Green Bay area. Short sales and foreclosures can be quite complex, and I wanted the education and in-depth knowledge to get a firm grasp on both sides of the transaction. 

Happy Homeowners and Real Estate Investors

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