Top 5 Questions Asked by Real Estate Buyers During Home Showings

Home Buyer Showing Questions for Green Bay Real EstateI show homes to all different types of people in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, and I get asked a ton of questions. The majority of the questions are along the lines of, “How long has this home been on the market? What are the taxes? Do you know any good lenders? This home isn’t the one, can you help me find another?”

But I also get asked completely random questions too. Just because they are random doesn’t mean they aren’t relevant! Read on to see the top 5 questions, and their answers. 

May I open drawers/closets? 

Yes! Please do! When you are touring a home, you should WANT to open up the kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, closets, and whatnot to get a feel for storage space. I encourage you too. What I DON’T encourage you to do is open up dresser drawers or any other of the seller’s personal furniture drawers. 

May I use the bathroom?

Yes! You should want to check out the plumbing, right? (Kidding) But first, ASK. A home may be winterized and that means no running water. No water, no flush. Understand?  

The seller left out cookies, can I eat one?

Go for it! Sometimes, sellers leave out cookies and drinks for buyers touring the home. I even had one seller leave out a few Coronas and limes. It was a Friday night showing, and it left a very positive impression on the buyers. 

 May my mom come too? 

Of course mom’s are welcome! Even dad’s too 😉 I’ve had more than a few buyers bring their parents to showings, especially 1st time home buyers. Once I had buyer clients bring both sets of parents, a brother, and an aunt and uncle. Talk about a party! The only advice I will give you if you bring in a crew, is that keep in mind, YOU ARE THE ONE buying a home. Not them, yet they will give you loads of advice and strong opinions. Your family loves you and is only looking out for you, BUT your buyer’s agent is the one knowledgeable in the housing market, and is there looking out for your best interests too! I’m not saying don’t talk with your relatives, but make sure to talk openly with your Realtor as well. 

May I bring my drink/smoothie/coffee inside?

You ever see those “you break it, you buy it” notes hanging in stores with fragile items? Same philosophy here, kinda anyway. DO NOT SPILL. Be very careful, as this is NOT YOUR HOME. (yet!) But nowadays, so many buyers tour homes with water bottles, Starbucks coffees, juice smoothies, what-have-you, that’s it’s not a taboo thing to do. But please please please be careful.   

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