Wisconsin Home Sales September 2016

September 2016 home sales in Wisconsin from September 2015 are up BUT new listings coming on the market this month are down. See the chart below, and click on the photo to see more info the WRA has provided.

Wisconsin Home Sales September 2016

So what does this mean for Wisconsin?? It means that it is a FABULOUS time to sell your home. If you look, you can also see that the median home price for all of WI has risen by a total of 4.8%. Nice, right?

So Wisconsin is doing well, but how about Brown County, WI? Well, the absorption rate for all of WI is 6.5, for Brown County it’s 4.  This means if no new homes come on the market, it will take 4 months for all the current homes to be sold. And, this also means, it is a seller’s market. As a general rule:

1-4 months – seller’s market

5-7 months – balanced

8-12 months – buyer’s market

324 homes sold in September with a median home sale price of $153,450. And finally, the average number of says on market for these homes was 63! If you are considering selling your home, contact me. Let’s talk. 


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