The Many Wonders of Green Bay – Part 1

I moved to Green Bay just a little over four years ago. Having lived in Florida for most of my life and then Chicago, I get asked, “Why Green Bay? What’s in Wisconsin?” all the time. Full disclosure? I absolutely LOVE Green Bay. Here is a list of some of the coolest things (in my opinion) the wonderful city of Green Bay has to offer. Note the Part 1 in the title, this list could get quite lengthy…

  1. Close to Door County – People come from all over the US to visit Door County. You can shop, eat, wine taste, hike, rent bicycles, kayak, picnic, or simply relax, enjoy the scenery, and people watch. And, the best part? Door County is full of locally owned shops and restaurants. Sorry, Applebees fans, you won’t find many major chain restaurants here.
  2. Summer AND Winter Farmer’s Markets – Do you know how cool this is?! Very. Fresh and local meat and produce, yes please! And, there are several farmer’s markets to choose from. There’s a Wednesday afternoon one on Broadway and one in De Pere during the summer months. There is also another one every Wednesday around noon-ish inside Terry’s Naturally. And then the downtown Saturday Farmer’s Market in the spring and summer, which moves to the KI Convention Center in the wintertime.  
  3. NO Traffic – Seriously guys, unless there’s a Packer game you’re driving in the middle of, there is barely any traffic here.
  4. Friendly Folks – People here are friendly. When I walk down the street I say hi, just like most people do here. Let me just say this: in Chicago, you did not engage in such behavior.
  5. Park Systems – Green Bay is FULL of parks. I’m not just talking about a small patch of grass with a swing set, I’m talking about park parks. Basketball courts, soccer fields, skate parks, tennis courts, jungle gyms, swimming pools… You catch my drift.
  6. Packers – Come on, you knew this one was comin’. While I’m not the biggest fan of football in general, I can completely appreciate the passion of Packer games. It’s not just a football game. It’s a time where family and friends get together and tailgate. It’s a time where Ashwaubenon turns into one big street party. And it’s a time where Green Bay gets a lot of added revenue to it’s shops and restaurants from out-of-towners.
  7. Gambling – Gambling is huge at the casinos in neighboring reservations, You don’t have to fly to Las Vegas to get bright lights and slot machines.
  8. Low Cost of Living – The cost of living’s average is set at 100. Green Bay is currently at 90, below the nation’s average. Not too shabby!  

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